Natanam is an apprenticeship on the path to the joy that detachment produces.

  • Awards: FETEN 2021 Award to the approach of dance to early childhood.
  • Premiere: 13/05/2021 (FETEN European Performing Arts Fair for Children of Gijón)
  • Duration: 50 minutes (35 min. choreography + 15 Colloquium)
  • Audience: Early childhood (6 months to 5 years) and family.
  • Format: Small/Medium.

About Natanam...

Each person shines with his own light among all the others. In this contemporary dance show we see two performers, two friends, two accomplices who meet in a playroom. They discover that there is water, fire, wind and earth ordered and at their entire disposal. A playroom can be a beach, it can be a desert, it can be the sea. And also... when we are alone, it can be many worlds.

They find a lot of earth, a lot of salt with which to draw on the ground while they sing and reflect on where the things that disappear go. In reality, nothing disappears, everything is transformed, like the lines they draw with the salt and their hands, from which the dance emerges. The things that disappear are waiting for us. They talk about the world and people, who are like big fires, small fires and fires of all colors. They dialogue with the word and also with their bodies in space.

Natanam means dance in Sanskrit. And that is the starting point of this show: we wanted to give to the youngest, to early childhood, a space and a time of sensations from the purity of dance. Natanam is an apprenticeship on the way to the joy of detachment. 

As it has become a reality on stage, we have realized that Natanam is a multilevel show, with different degrees of symbolism depending on the age and maturity of the audience, which is why we think it is ideal for both children and family audiences.

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Mª Ángeles Marichant

Laura Marín

⸻ Supplementary training proposal
Dancing at family

A training proposal directed by Omar Meza as a complementary activity to the performance of the show "Natanam" by the DA.TE Danza Company.


Dance is capable of creating unconventional spaces that make fathers, mothers, boys and girls capable of reaching a more intimate communication through the work with movement and space. Omar Meza, presents a workshop for young and old to discover and enjoy new possibilities of movement, starting from actions that are part of their daily lives, through their body and their expressive abilities.

This workshop generates a common creative space among the children, as well as among the adults who accompany them, in which a cooperative bond is established that fosters a meaningful experience through movement and dance.

Encouraging creativity as a family, a personal language is woven through the use of different qualities of movement, physical contact, the use of space, breathing and music. As tools, dance, play, improvisation, physical contact, the use of the voice and scenographic elements, among others, generate among the protagonists a new way of sharing, learning and relating.

Aimed at

This workshop is aimed at babies and children between 3 months and 3 years old accompanied by 1 adult family member.


- Encourage the practice of dance and movement.
- Encourage interest in dance
- To awaken body awareness and listening
- To implement musicality in movement
- To stimulate the sensibility towards movement as an artistic manifestation
- To develop the analytical spirit on artistic creations.
- To strengthen family bonds through movement and dance.
- To discover new roles and family bonds
- To enjoy healthy and artistic family activities.