The project is based on a concern about the role of school, childhood and education in climate issues and the harmful habits that we exert on our planet. Guided by Omar Meza, the educational community of CEIP La Vereda, is going to ask itself what actions and reflections we can generate at school to improve our relationship with nature but also to improve the climate of coexistence of the environment of which we are part.
Through movement, corporal expression and dance, students, teachers and artists will collectively construct a scenic language in which the culture of recycling, reuse and interdependence between people and the environment will be the keys to the project.
Developed during the year 2023, it also emphasizes the transfer of stage practices as part of teacher training at CEIP La Vereda, by way of dynamics integrated into the classroom that serve to develop awareness of space, improved collective self-esteem, students' attention span, improved coordination and psychomotor skills, as well as strategies to improve motivation in the student body as a whole.
The project was mediated by Sofía Coca and Mar Dols from ZEMOS98 and the involvement of the entire faculty of the center.