The main strategic line is to support the creative fabric of the city, so it collaborates with multiple local cultural entities such as the International School of Circus and Theater CAU, which currently cohabits the space since 2020.

The residencies provide artists and other creators with time, space and resources to work, individually or collectively, in areas of their practice that can benefit from reflection and/or attention.

In addition, on specific occasions it becomes a training space, where contemporary dance workshops are held for dancers, offering the possibility to investigate, work and experiment with new techniques through different professionals of contemporary dance.

The objectives of the DA.TE Danza Production Center are:

  • Stimulate the artistic production of works and knowledge, especially proposals aimed at early childhood, infancy and youth.
  • Contribute to the mobility of local and national creators.
  • Generate learning environments for local artistic agents.

The actions of the DA.TE Danza Production Center are characterized by:

  • To promote experimentation in an open, collaborative and generous work environment.
  • To stimulate artistic creation as a research process.
  • Prioritize creation as a process closer to education.

The DA.TE Danza Production Center has facilities with dimensions of 400m2 with office rooms, dressing rooms with shower, dance stage space of 9.70 m. wide by 8.50 m. deep, wooden floor on a suitableair chamber to avoid injuries. The building has a height of more than 6 meters, with a meeting and audiovisual room, technical cabin, rooms for the storage of scenery and technical equipment for lighting and sound, closet, dressing room and workshop. The space is semi-insulated from external noise and has a heating and ventilation system.

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