A contemporary dance show that seeks to embrace all forms of diversity.

  • To be released: 18/11/2023 Artistic Residency at the Teatro Municipal de Armilla
  • Duration: 50 minutes (38 min. choreography + 15 Colloquium)
  • Audience: Early childhood (6 months to 5 years) and family.
  • Format: Small/Medium.

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About You and me...

"You and Me" is a unique journey that explores how boundaries and limitations can become powerful engines, establishing a connection between me and you, you and me. At its core, this show embraces all forms of diversity, for us, diversity is not a label, it is a celebration of the many ways we all experience the world.

Designed especially for early childhood, this show opens up a world of possibilities for babies, boys, girls (6 months and older) and families. In "You and Me" we celebrate diversity and make inclusion our norm.

With the motto "A sensitive show for a diverse audience", our mission is to generate a creative and welcoming space where everyone, including babies, children and people, feel supported, understood and fully integrated into the experience. We want everyone to take ownership of this stage, where diversity is the driving force behind our shared narrative and where every voice finds its place.

Creative and technical team

Direction of the show: Omar Meza.
Theatrical direction: Concepción Villarubia.
Dramaturgy: David Ojeda.
Choreography: Omar Meza.
Performers and choreographic movement gestures: Mª José Casado and Raúl Durán.
Musical composition: Carmen García Jara.
Lighting design: Aitor Palomo.
Costume design and execution: Javier Lévon.
Props advising: Ángel Sanz.
Production and communication management: Enrique Fernández.
Administration: Rosa Mª Marín.
Distribution: a+ Soluciones Culturales and Kandengue Arts.
Advice on hearing impairment: Elena López Burgos (Teacher of the degree in Spanish sign language and deaf community of the URJ).
Advice on visual impairment: Francisco López Montellano and Carmen Herrero Menéndez (ONCE Madrid Educational Resources Center) Tania Gombao and Cristina Carrasco (APHISA Association, from Alcalá de Henares).
Acknowledgements: Maribel Guijarro.
Acknowledgements City Council of Armilla: Loli Cañavate, Pablo Arturo Cano, Victoria Sánchez Ramos, Ana Rivas, Rafa Cobos and Francisco Moles.

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Mª Ángeles Marichant

Laura Marín

⸻ Supplementary training proposal
Dancing at family

A training proposal directed by Omar Meza as a complementary activity to the performance of the show "Tú y yo" by the DA.TE Danza Company.


Dance is capable of creating unconventional spaces that make fathers, mothers, boys and girls capable of reaching a more intimate communication through the work with movement and space. Omar Meza, presents a workshop for young and old to discover and enjoy new possibilities of movement, starting from actions that are part of their daily lives, through their body and their expressive abilities.

This workshop generates a common creative space among the children, as well as among the adults who accompany them, in which a cooperative bond is established that fosters a meaningful experience through movement and dance.

Encouraging creativity as a family, a personal language is woven through the use of different qualities of movement, physical contact, the use of space, breathing and music. As tools, dance, play, improvisation, physical contact, the use of the voice and scenographic elements, among others, generate among the protagonists a new way of sharing, learning and relating.

Aimed at

This workshop is aimed at babies and children between 3 months and 3 years old accompanied by 1 adult family member.


- Encourage the practice of dance and movement.
- Encourage interest in dance
- To awaken body awareness and listening
- To implement musicality in movement
- To stimulate the sensibility towards movement as an artistic manifestation
- To develop the analytical spirit on artistic creations.
- To strengthen family bonds through movement and dance.
- To discover new roles and family bonds
- To enjoy healthy and artistic family activities.