Danzando Emociones

An initiative of the DA.TE Danza Company whose epicenter is to address the empowerment and community development of schoolchildren through dance, body expression and the arts in the educational field. All this under the theme of mental health.

With the support and funding of the "Art For Change" program.

With the collaboration of

With the participation of


The main objective of the "Dancing Emotions" project has been to promote the creation of synergies between education, art and mental health, in order to enable the physical and emotional development of schoolchildren, giving them the opportunity to develop their full potential with the support of artists and teachers.

The project arose from the need to use art as a tool for educational and social inclusion and the regeneration of community ties in the classroom. Art, in all its expressions, plays a fundamental role in the process of human formation and in the constitution of the personality.

Developed during the year 2023, multiple sessions of awareness and self-knowledge, movement, dance and art-therapy workshops have been carried out, which have concluded with the creation of two dance video pieces, a performative action starring the participating students entitled "The Silence of the Butterflies" and two public days of presentation of results, social awareness and artistic activities that have been held at the Teatro Caja Granada and the I.E.S Alhambra on June 3 and 22, respectively.

Project objectives

To achieve quality education using dance and the performing arts as learning tools.
To promote training with a perspective sensitive to being people respectful of diversity and social inequality.
Improve school coexistence using art for social transformation, inclusion and community development.
To develop self-knowledge and foster students' self-esteem.
To break sexist stereotypes integrated in society and therefore in the performing arts.
To provide methodological tools for teachers to develop joint educational projects.

Nuestro proyecto surge de la necesidad de utilizar el arte como herramienta para la inclusión educativa, social y la regeneración de los vínculos comunitarios en las aulas. El arte en todas sus expresiones desempeña un papel fundamental en el proceso de formación humana y en la constitución de la personalidad integrada.

Project impact.

36 ESO and Bachillerato students

11 Students in the TEA Classroom

10 Teachers

5 Artists

The project has been developed in the I.E.S Alhambra of Granada, with the integration of 36 students in the higher education stage (ESO), Baccalaureate and 11 of the Aula TEA (Classroom specialized in students with autism spectrum disorders) along with a team of 10 teachers accompanied by 5 artists.

The "Danzando Emociones" project aims to innovate both in the field of cultural mediation, social transformation and in the educational methodologies used. In our opinion, this project differs from others carried out with students because it focuses on schoolchildren, bringing together the different cultural and socioeconomic realities, generating and weaving community networks. It also places the students at the center of their own reality through workshops on self-knowledge, leadership, reinforcement of self-esteem and participatory techniques of artistic creation. The project is integrated into the educational curriculum of the center itself, with 3 teaching hours per week for its development.

Implementation in the educational system

  • Point 0: Formalities and bureaucracy

Being part of the daily activity of an educational center is not at all simple; there are bureaucratic procedures and formalities that must be fulfilled to gain access to the classrooms.

  • 1st Phase: Meetings and convictions.

Meetings with the technical teams of the Territorial Delegation of Educational Development, Vocational Training and University in Granada to propose the project.

  • 1st Phase: Search for allies.

Rosa Suárez (Coordinator of the Fine Arts Pedagogical Office of the Delegation), with great sensitivity for dance and the performing arts.

  • 2nd Phase: Creation of an educational project.

Creation of a pilot project entitled AIDIA (Art, Innovation, Integral Learning Design) where all kinds of experiences using art as a vehicle for learning can be supported.

  • 2nd Phase: Educational design

They designed a curriculum framework, then negotiated with the reference inspector and, finally, discussed the different centers that could host it....

  • 3rd Phase: Selection of the Educational Center.

They chose I.E.S. Alhambra because it had a course entitled "AulArte", created by Mammen Gonzalez in her capacity as head of studies.

  • 3rd Phase: Regulated subject

The law allows for the creation of a subject of its own design, within the school schedule and approved by the school board and the faculty.

  • 4th Phase: Intervention and start of the project.

Little by little, all the processes within the administration were articulated, until the direct work for the intervention process could begin.

Activities and stages of the project.


In this inaugural phase of "Dancing Emotions", we conducted extensive research and essential data collection. We immersed ourselves in the exploration of the students' own emotions and well-being through a digital questionnaire carefully designed for the project.

These individual questionnaires are designed to assess fundamental aspects of the participants' lives, from self-esteem to their perception of the performing arts. We explore dimensions such as empathy, optimism, frustration tolerance and academic performance, seeking to understand and obtain quantifiable data about the complexity of their emotional worlds.

The design of these questionnaires was based on the guide entitled. "Instruments for the evaluation of adolescent mental health and positive adolescent development and the assets that promote it"provided by the Ministry of Health of the Regional Government of Andalusia. This guide, supervised by the leading psychologist and therapist María Artacho, has been a fundamental tool to ensure the validity and relevance of our data.

Collaboration with María Artacho, director of the María Zambrano Center in Granada, has enriched this evaluation process, ensuring a robust and professional approach. We are proud not only to collect data, but also to do so in a way that reflects our commitment to excellence and deep understanding.

This first questionnaire marks the beginning of a journey of self-exploration for our participants that has been contrasted with a second evaluation after the conclusion of the activities, allowing us to measure the impact of "Dancing Emotions" on their lives .

Impact study "Dancing emotions".

Objectives of the activity.

Gain a deep understanding of students' emotions and well-being.

Use validated instruments to assess the mental health and positive development of adolescents.

Evaluate the impact of the project, before and after the activities.


Introduction of the activity.

In this second phase of our project, "Dancing Emotions", we successfully concluded the initial sessions of reflection and awareness-raising on a very important topic: mental health.

During this period, we conducted several sessions in which, together with the students and the teaching staff, we explored in depth the most prevalent mental illnesses and disorders in our society. These sessions not only offered knowledge, but also provided a crucial space to reflect on the stigmatization associated with these problems and the consequent social rejection faced by those who suffer from them.

A highlight of these sessions was the collaboration with experts in the field, María Artacho and Jose María Moya from the María Zambrano Psychology Center, whose experience enriched our discussions and contributed significantly to the collective understanding, as well as serving as a guide in different group dynamics.

Objectives of the activity.

Challenging perceptions about mental health

Breaking down social stigmas.

Promote emotional well-being in common spaces.

Audiovisual and photographic material.

  • Reflection on corporal expression.
  • Images of the sessions with María Artacho.


Introduction of the activity.

In the third and pivotal phase of our project, we successfully conducted a series of transformative dance, movement and body expression sessions. These precisely designed workshops played a crucial role in fostering the open and inclusive participation of our valued student body.

During these sessions, we focus on enhancing the individual development of each participant, providing them withtools to express themselves, create and communicate through body language and movement. We guide adolescents to fully explore their bodies, both motorically and expressively, allowing them to externalize feelings, ideas, thoughts and emotions in an authentic way.

These sessions in a unique and renewed working environment ensured the active participation of most of the students and the teaching staff. Each session was an opportunity to explore new facets of oneself and discover the richness of one's own potential.

These workshops transcended dance to become a meeting place that brought together people of different ages, backgrounds, knowledge and diversity .

Objectives of the activity.

Motor and expressive development of the participants. 

Creation of an inclusive workspace

Encouragement of personal self-discovery and creative expression.

Audiovisual and photographic material.

  • Reflection on corporal expression.
  • Images of the sessions.


Introduction of the activity.

In this fascinating chapter of our project, we immersed ourselves in the art of vocal interpretation by the hand of the outstanding specialist in performing arts for children, actress and teacher, Concepción Villarubia. The realization of this session marked a milestone in our project, enriching our exploration of sound and voice.

Concha Villarubia, with her experience and dedication, guided our participants through various aspects of sound and voice. Her expert approach focused not only on techniques, but also on the ability of the voice to express emotions and convey narratives in an impactful way.

Concha Villarubia's active participation created a unique space for learning and experimentation. Together, we explored the infinite possibilities of vocal interpretation, taking advantage of the voice as a powerful tool to communicate, excite and enrich our daily lives.

Objectives of the activity.

Immerse yourself in the study of vocal performance as a form of artistic expression.

Improved vocal performance skills.

Harnessing the voice as a powerful tool to communicate, excite and enrich daily life.

Audiovisual and photographic material.

  • Reflection on corporal expression.
  • Images of the sessions.


Introduction of the activity.

Approach to the different scenic professions.

In this enriching stage of "Danzando Emociones", we immersed ourselves in the fascinating universe of theatrical crafts with the collaboration of the Alhambra Theater of the Andalusian Agency of Cultural Institutions, belonging to the Andalusian Government. This introductory session provided an integral vision of the different disciplines involved in the creation of a show, such as direction, scenography, costumes, lighting and production.

Our goal has been to bring the participants closer to these disciplines by the hand of qualified and active professionals. Through a practical session, students have learned first-hand the techniques and processes that make up the magic behind each performance. This approach not only seeks to broaden their knowledge, but also toinspire interest and perception of the performing arts as a possible career opportunity.

Creation, promotion and development of new audiences through attendance at shows.

Working closely with theAlhambra Theater and the Andalusian Agency of Cultural Institutions, belonging to the Junta de Andalucía, we have opened the doors to unique opportunities. Project participants have had the opportunity to attend dance, theater, puppet and music performances at reduced prices. This privileged access not only enriches their cultural experiences, but also encourages the development of new audiences, exploring the performing arts as a leisure alternative.

Objectives of the activity.

To provide participants with an integral vision of the various theatrical professions.

To stimulate the participants' interest and perception of the performing arts.

Contribute to the creation, promotion and development of new audiences for the performing arts.

Audiovisual and photographic material.

  • Reflection on corporal expression.
  • Images of the sessions.


Introduction of the activity.

In an initiative dedicated to emotional exploration and holistic well-being, the "Dancing Emotions" project has spread its wings to embrace not only the school participants, but also a valuable teaching and management team from I.E.S Alhambra. A unique session of resilience and self-esteem reinforcement was implemented, bringing with it the practice of dance, body expression and communication in all its directions.

During this inspiring session, teachers were guided through exercises previously applied with the participating adolescents. Dance, as a vehicle for artistic expression, became a powerful tool for reconnecting with their emotions, their bodies and strengthening resilience. Body language and non-verbal communication, fundamental components of our sessions, were deployed to foster connection among participants and the exploration of their own emotional resources.

The day was not only limited to expressive movement; it also became a space for reflection where teachers were able to share and reflect on their own emotional situation in the context of the school. It addressed the daily challenges they face in the school environment, providing a safe space to discuss and understand the complex nuances of educational work.

In addition, the current reality of adolescence and its impact on mental health was explored. The joint reflection allowed for an exchange of valuable experiences and perspectives, thus establishing a bridge of empathy between the faculty and the youth they serve.

"Danzando Emociones" continues its commitment to cultivating an environment in which both adolescents and faculty can flourish, recognizing that emotional health is an essential pillar for learning and growth at all levels of education.

Objectives of the activity.

To provide teachers with practical tools based on corporal expression.

Foster mutual understanding between teachers and adolescents, especially with regard to mental health.

Establish a safe and reflective environment, addressing the daily challenges they face.

Audiovisual and photographic material.

  • Reflection on corporal expression.
  • Images of the sessions.


Introduction of the activity.

With great emotion and satisfaction we began to close the curtain on our project. The penultimate stop of this journey took us to the public exhibition that took place last Saturday, June 3rd at 20.00h at the Teatro Fundación CajaGranada, an event that will remain engraved in our memory as the culmination of this enriching experience.

During this day, we offered our audience a unique window to view our project from different perspectives. Through a panel discussion, we shared the ins and outs of the intervention process and reflected on its impact on the participants. The projection of the two video dance pieces "Sometimes it's just a gesture" and "My other reality" captured the essence of the emotions explored throughout the sessions.

The climax of the evening was the artistic representation of "The Silence of the Butterflies", an inclusive performance that made visible the vulnerability of adolescents in the current social context. Created by our talented students, this piece was not only the result of months of hard work, but also a valuable testimony of the strength and creativity that resides in our educational community.

Objectives of the activity.

To make the vulnerability of adolescents visible.

To foster a sense of inclusion and active participation among students.

To present a complete vision of the project "Dancing Emotions".

Round table "Dance, inclusion and mental health in educational settings".

"María Artacho advocates debunking myths and building support networks in adolescent mental health" In her intervention during the panel discussion of the public day of the "Danzando Emociones" project, she highlighted the crucial relationship between general health and mental health, noting that suicide constitutes the second leading cause of death in adolescence. He advocated for the construction of a system that addresses the mental health of young people, dispelling myths and eliminating stigmas associated with seeking psychological help. She highlighted the importance of generating therapeutic and educational spaces, such as those provided by the project, where adolescents can express their emotions and find support. Artacho emphasized the need to change the social perception of mental health and thanked Omar and the team for opening these valuable spaces. His intervention underlined the importance of inclusion and emotional care in adolescence.

"Rosa Suarez, Coordinator of the Fine Arts Cabinet, Delegation, highlights the transformative impact of '"Danzando Emociones" by overcoming the complexity and challenge of integrating the performing arts into the educational environment" She expressed her gratitude to Omar and the Alhambra Institute for hosting the "Danzando Emociones" initiative. Suarez shared how the project began, highlighting the logistical challenges and the complexity of integrating art into a formal educational setting. She highlighted the team's commitment and the creation of the AIDIA (Art, Innovation, Integrated Learning Design) pilot project, designed to support experiences that use art as a vehicle for learning. Suarez praised the collaboration with the Alhambra Institute and its AulArte course, which facilitated the integration of art into the school curriculum. He acknowledged the positive impact of the project on students and teachers, expressing his gratitude for being part of this enriching experience.

Jessica Calvo and Lucía Puñal from Aula TEA, breaking down myths and promoting educational inclusion through "Danzando Emociones". Jessica highlighted the difference between inclusion and integration, noting that the project has allowed her students to feel truly included by embracing and accepting their differences. She underlined the importance of dance in the curriculum, showing how the project not only improved physical skills, but also fostered teamwork, concentration and emotional expression. Lucía Puñal, also a teacher in the Aula TEA, expressed her pride in the students' achievements, highlighting their ability to overcome challenges and break down myths associated with autism. Finally, she praised the participation of the families, the collaboration of the school and the dedication of the "Danzando Emociones" team, underlining the importance of art in the expression of emotions and the integral development of the students.

"Mamen González, Head of Studies at I.E.S Alhambra, highlights the power of art in conflict management and the crucial support of the whole team in "Danzando Emociones" She thanked the team that made the "Danzando Emociones" project possible. He highlighted the importance of art in his life and how he has promoted it in all the centers he has been through. He addressed the importance of managing conflicts in an educational center, highlighting empathy and effectiveness in resolution. He mentioned the need to listen to students, especially at a critical stage such as adolescence. He emphasized the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of young people and encouraged incorporating art into daily life.

Sergio Perabá, Teacher at I.E.S Alhambra, highlights the educational transformation in 'Danzando Emociones' and emphasizes the importance of learning from predisposition, overcoming paternalism and recognizing that neurotypicals have a lot to learn in the search for a relationship of equality. He shared his reflections on the change in perception towards the student body, pointing out how the initial paternalistic attitude was transformed into a relationship of equality, generating significant growth and friendship among the students. He emphasized the importance of treating everyone equally, regardless of differences, as a valuable lesson for society as a whole. He then addressed the concept of predisposition, highlighting the importance of the attitude of both teachers and students in regular classrooms and the TEA Classroom. He stressed the need to learn from the predisposition and effort of all, recognizing that neurotypical people also have much to learn in this regard.

"Fatima Molina, 1st Year High School Student, appreciates the opportunity to participate in various artistic activities in 'Danzando Emociones', highlighting the positive impact on her personal growth" She acknowledged the uniqueness of being the representative of the rest of her classmates at the table and expressed her admiration for the previous speeches. She highlighted the wonderful growth she has experienced during the project. She appreciated the opportunity to participate in the various artistic activities organized such as dance, voice, theater and noted the positive impact on her life. With emotion, she expressed her gratitude to everyone involved in the project and her desire to do her best in the presentation.

Omar Meza, in the presentation of the artistic representation of the "Silence of the Butterflies", shared a powerful metaphor about the late motiv of the performance created during the realization of the project. Young people are like butterflies; fragile, beautiful and often silenced by adults preventing them from expressing themselves and shining in their fullness. He described the fragility of adolescents and the importance of giving them the opportunity to be themselves, placing special importance on the irreversible damage we can cause to young people by not allowing them to flourish. Omar dedicated this artistic intervention to Ana (student of Aula TEA who could not participate) and Mamen (Head of Studies of Aula TEA) recognizing their work during all these years.

  • Photographs by Juan Antonio Cárdenas.

The post-gala and discussion with the audience began with a special thank you from the participants to Omar for his dedication and effort in the project. They highlighted the wonderful experience of enjoying the whole process together with their peers, feeling free to participate. They expressed their understanding of diversity and were grateful for the opportunities they were given to be protagonists. Afterwards, there were speeches from family members of the participants, who praised the work of the team and expressed their gratitude for an evening full of emotions. Other parents expressed complete admiration for the Aula TEA and highlighted the importance of this project in raising awareness about mental health in schools. Other parents shared their gratitude and appreciation to the participants, highlighting that the participants of the Aula TEA have the same feelings and abilities as any other person. The secretary of the Alhambra High School Parents Association expressed her gratitude to the team, congratulating all members and showing her pride.


Introduction of the activity.

In this culminating phase of our project, we immersed ourselves in the exciting task of creating video dance pieces that are not only artistic expressions, but also powerful testimonies of the lived reality of adolescents. Guided by creativity and collaboration, the students involved in the project embarked on the planning, filming and production of two powerful pieces: "Sometimes It's Just a Gesture" and "My Other Reality".

"Sometimes it's just a gesture."

The title "Sometimes it's just a gesture" encapsulates the essence of the piece created by the students of 4th ESO, 1st and 2nd Baccalaureate, as well as the Aula TEA (Autism Spectrum Disorder). This collective work addresses fundamental issues affecting adolescents, such as isolation, insecurity, labels, anxiety, suicide and bullying. Through movement and corporal expression, the participants have woven a narrative link that makes visible and denounces the situations experienced in the educational environment and in their homes. "Sometimes it's just a gesture" not only raises issues, but also seeks to inspire reflection on support, complicity and listening among peers.

"My other reality"

The second play, "My other reality", was born from the creativity of the Aula TEA (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Focusing on everyday situations, this piece aims to make diversity visible and break down the labels they often suffer for being who they are. Here, body language becomes a powerful tool to convey authentic messages and challenge perceptions.

Both proposals were tutored by Enrique Fernández, audiovisual director, and Mario Olave, dancer and choreographic director. Recorded in the surroundings of the I.E.S Alhambra de Granada and the headquarters of the DA.TE Danza Company, these pieces capture the essence of the experiences and emotions of the participants, becoming visual testimonies of the adolescent reality. With each movement, with each gesture, these pieces give life to voices that deserve to be heard and celebrated.

Objectives of the activity.

To denounce and raise awareness on key issues affecting adolescents.

To make diversity visible and challenge the labels associated with People with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

To empower participants in the elaboration of powerful visual testimonies.

Audiovisual and photographic material.

Video dance piece "Sometimes it's just a gesture".

Video dance piece "My other reality".


Introduction of the activity.

The vibrant closing of the project "Dancing Emotions" took place on June 22nd, 2023 in the courtyard of the I.E.S Alhambra de Granada, marking a memorable milestone in the educational community. In this event, parents, families, students and teachers joined together to witness the performance entitled "El Silencio de las Mariposas" (The Silence of the Butterflies) starring the students participating in the project.

The DA.TE Danza Company, led by Omar Meza, promoter of the project, performed a unique interpretation of "En Tierra de Nadie". This dance piece, with a duration of 20 minutes, was inspired in its creative process by some of the students present, whose commitment and participation in another project during the year 2021/22 at I.E.S Alhambra was fundamental.

The event not only marked the end of the academic year and the end of the project, but also fulfilled the objectives set out in the project to disseminate the richness of the work done among the educational community. The professional performance of "En Tierra de Nadie" not only highlighted the artistic quality of the DA.TE Danza Company, but also sought to facilitate and promote access to the performing arts and dance to children and youth, providing them with a unique and enriching experience, with the aim of awakening interest in the performing arts among their consumption, leisure and entertainment models.

Objectives of the activity.

To denounce and raise awareness on key issues affecting adolescents.

To make diversity visible and challenge the labels associated with People with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

To empower participants in the elaboration of powerful visual testimonies.

Audiovisual and photographic material.

Video dance piece "Sometimes it's just a gesture".

Press and media impact.

  • Radio Nacional de España (RNE) A Compás - Olga Baeza 01/07/2023.
  • IDEAL Granada Newspaper. José E. Cabrero. 31/05/2023.
  • Promotional poster of the exhibition "Danzando Emociones" at the Teatro Caja Granada.
  • Facade of the CajaGranada Cultural Center with the promotional image of the project.
  • Omar Meza, during the presentation of the project at the XV Edition of the Jornadas de Inclusión Social del Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas (INAEM) . Cadiz, October 26, 2023.
  • Public communications of the projects, "Danzando Emociones" Conference XV Social Inclusion of the National Institute of Performing Arts (INAEM) Cadiz, October 26, 2023.
  • Canal Sur TV Midday News. 01/06/2023.
  • Granada Hoy newspaper. Paloma Orti 30/05/2023.

Measurement of time through quantitative indicators.



From November 2022 to November 2023.



Between January and June 2023.


Session hours.

Sensitization, self-knowledge, dance, corporal expression, etc.


Hours of activities.

Intended for parallel activities and visits.

Direct beneficiaries of the project.


Students 4th ESO

Ages between 14 and 15 years old. Gender ratio: female (57%) and male (43%).


Students 1st Baccalaureate.

Ages between 16 and 17 years old. Gender quota: female (75%) and male (25%).


Students 2nd Baccalaureate.

Ages between 17 and 18 years old. Gender ratio: female (62%) and male (38%).


ASD Students

Ages between 12 and 19 years old. Gender quota: male (60%) and female (40%).



From different educational stages.



In the disciplines of dance, interpretation and vocal work.



For awareness and self-knowledge sessions.


Audiovisual producer.

Intended for documentation of the entire process.

Project results.


Artistic creation


Video dance pieces.

"Sometimes It's Just a Gesture" and "My Other Reality."


Artistic representations.

At the Teatro Fundación CajaGranada and at the I.E.S Alhambra de Granada.


Discussion table.

Held at the public exhibition of the project at the Teatro Fundación CajaGranada.

Project credits.

Artistic direction: Omar Meza.
Executive Director: Enrique Fernández.
Territorial Delegate of the Delegation of Educational Development, Vocational Training and University in Granada: María José Martín.
Coordinator of the Pedagogical Office of Fine Arts of the Delegation: Rosa Suarez.
Direction I.E.S Alhambra: Fernando Mollinedo.
Head of Studies: Mammen Gónzalez Tapia.
Teachers, monitors and practices: Sergio Perabá Gámez, Jessica Calvo, Lucía Puñal, Julia Herreros, Mohamed El Haddad, Magdalena Álvarez, Irene Serrano.
Psychologist and therapist: María Artacho.
Psychology Practicum: Jose María Moya.
Guest artists: Concepción Villarubia, Mario Olave Jiménez, Maria José Casado and Raúl Durán.
Technical Services: Marina Coll Platki
Administration: Rosa Mª Marín

Project participants

"The silence of the butterflies"

Helena Artigot Rodríguez
Javier Aldo Muñoz Arandia
Carolina Elizabeth Chiriboga Quishpe
Caleb Delgado Nafal
Giorgia Deliso Puertas
Yerlina De Jesús Araujo
Sonia Martínez García
Adrian Garrido Huertas
José Daniel García Pérez
Laura María García Jiménez
Aroa Gallardo Guerrero
Cyrano Graziabile
Alejandro Hernández Maldonado
Ibai Hendrickx Aguilera
Rokhaya Vilane Diouf
Rodrigo González López

Armando Jiménez Fernández
Celene Clementina Leoz Segurola
Antonio López González
Diego Vladimir Rivas Cruz
Leynard Edith Vieras Linares
Marta Cobo Núñez
Giorgia Deliso Puertas
Luciano Stefan de Jesús Torrivilla Vivas
Adriana López Gómez
Naomi Licari Castelar
Najheli Loza Mamani
Laura Nieto Aguilar
Karina Marruecos Lora
Marta Moreno Fornieles
Fátima Molina Castilla
Mabu Zamora Zimmerman

Magdalena Gómez Parras
Paula Pérez Soria
Patricia Morales Ponce
Luisanna Ramirez Perez
Nashua Samara Espinal Gómez
María Jesús Vaca Delgadillo
Diego Santana Villarroel
Inés Viedma Martín
Natalia Ramirez Casado
Noelia Rodríguez Gómez
Diego Santana Villarroel
Gabriel Ruiz Sierra
Darío Gómez Cisneros
Bianca Nicoll Munguia Ramos
Marta Cobo Núñez
Ismael Yunus Martínez Vílchez

Secretary of I.E.S Alhambra: Estrella Rodríguez, Dolores Vílchez, Francisco Javier González.
Cleaning: Juan Santiago Fernández.
Acknowledgements: Maribel Guijarro, Parents of the participants, Educational Community of I.E.S Alhambra, Gloria Andreu, Patricia Maldonado, Aitor Palomo, Fernando Bueno, Julia Bravo, Technical Staff of Teatro Alhambra, Technical Staff of Teatro CajaGranada,

With the support of the Art For Change 2022/23 program of Fundación "la Caixa".

With the essential collaboration of the Territorial Delegation of Educational Development, Vocational Training and University, Innovation and Development of the Junta de Andalucía in Granada. Pedagogical Cabinet of Fine Arts

With the collaboration of the Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales de la Junta de Andalucia
and the Alhambra Theater of Granada.

With the participation of I.E.S Alhambra de Granada.

With the participation of I.E.S Alhambra de Granada.