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The main objective of the "Danzando Emociones" project is to promote the creation of synergies between education, art and mental health, in order to enable the physical and emotional development of schoolchildren by giving them the opportunity to develop their full potential with the support of teachers.
Our project arises from the need to use art as a tool for educational and social inclusion and the regeneration of community ties in the classroom. Art in all its expressions plays a fundamental role in the process of human formation and in the constitution of the integrated personality.
Developed during the year 2023, awareness and self-knowledge sessions , movement, dance and art-therapy workshops have been carried out, which have concluded with the elaboration of two dance video pieces, a performative action starring the participating students entitled "The Silence of the Butterflies" and a public day of presentation of results, social awareness and artistic activities that was held at the CajaGranada Theater on June 3, 2023.
To achieve quality education using dance and the performing arts as learning tools.
To promote training with a perspective sensitive to being people respectful of diversity and social inequality.
Improve school coexistence using art for social transformation, inclusion and community development.
To develop self-knowledge and foster students' self-esteem.
To break sexist stereotypes integrated in society and therefore in the performing arts.
To provide methodological tools for teachers to develop joint educational projects.
The project has been developed in the I.E.S Alhambra of Granada, with the integration of 36 students in the higher education stage (ESO), Baccalaureate and 11 of the Aula TEA (Classroom specialized in students with autism spectrum disorders) along with a team of 10 teachers accompanied by 5 artists.
The "Dancing Emotions" project aims to innovate both in the field of cultural mediation, social transformation and educational methodologies used. In our opinion, this project differs from others carried out with students because it focuses on schoolchildren, bringing together the different cultural and socioeconomic realities, generating and weaving community networks. It also places the students at the center of their own reality through workshops on self-knowledge, leadership, reinforcement of self-esteem and participatory techniques of artistic creation. The project is integrated into the educational curriculum of the center itself, with teaching hours for its development.

Photographs by Juan Antonio Cárdenas www.granadacultural.info