What is your name? Yes, you, what's your name? Enter our show and have fun.

  • Awards: FETEN Award 2015 (Gijón) - Best Show for Children / FITC Award 2016 (Hungary) - Best Dancer.
  • Premiere: 24/06/2014 (Int. Festival of Music and Dance Granada.)
  • Duration: 45 minutes.
  • Audience: Family. From 2 years old.
  • Format: Small/Medium.

About What is my name...?

A sofa that is a train, a carpet turned into a mirror, a mountain of grass that moves, poppy lamps and you and me! What's your name...? Yes, you, what's your name? Come into our show and have fun, does it matter what your name is?

Identity is strengthened over the years but your essence is in you since you are born, you love, laugh and cry just like anyone else, no matter what you wear, where you come from or what your name is. This happens during childhood, labels do not count, a wonderful world is born before our eyes when all we need is our imagination and a friend to share our dreams with.

The child will recognize the language linked to movement and this, together with the light and the music, will immerse the little spectator in a familiar and fun atmosphere, capturing his/her attention, without the need to resort to superficial effects. Each object can have a very different use and shape from the one we see, everything and everyone can become whatever we imagine, a balloon, an armchair, you... In this story everything is a game, the search for your name will be very entertaining, play to watch, watch while playing.

The text and dramaturgy that provide the common thread to the piece, raises among other issues, gender identity, the personal growth of the child and in his or her childish vision of the future, the search for identity.

What is my name...? is an open question that derives in many other questions and that in turn will lead us to an infinity of answers. We come into the world, in a specific place, a defined family and environment and none of that has been chosen by ourselves, it is our initial manuscript and from there will define the course of our life and what will be described in that manuscript still without experiences.

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