/ Commitment and sustainability

At DA.TE Danza we understand the significant impact that the performing arts, particularly those aimed at early childhood, children and youth, can have on society, the environment and the economy. With the commitment to promote a more conscious and sustainable future, we are committed to incorporate sustainable practices in all facets of our entity, especially with the incorporation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to the organizational strategic plans our entity as part of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations.

Below we set out our principles and commitments in five key areas.

Social aspect

At DA.TE Danza, we strive to be a company accessible to all children and families, regardless of their socioeconomic background, abilities or origin. We promote values such as respect for physical or intellectual diversity , equality, LGTBIQ+ or gender identity through our artistic proposals, ensuring that each child feels recognized, heard and valued. We use the performing arts as a tool to address relevant social issues and foster mutual understanding, reflection and empathy.

We also collaborate with various non-profit organizations or solidarity initiatives with the participation of our company or artists, the cession of our facilities or technical means and free access to the Company's performances.

Photograph taken on September 26, 2023 during the performance of "Natanam" at the Centro Integrador para el Migrante Carmen Serdán in Tijuana (Mexico).

Economic aspect

We seek the economic sustainability of our company through responsible and ethical practices. This implies strict compliance with labor rights and fair remuneration of our artists and workers, support for local and proximity commerce as well as the search for financing models that guarantee the long-term viability of our company. We work to make DA.TE Danza an example of how culture can be economically sustainable and viable, while at the same time contributing to the common good.

Our business structure, founded in 1999, is the only means we have to maintain the project economically viable and with a rigorous work philosophy, vision of the performing arts for children and youth and the value and wealth of heritage, providing continuity to the project that subsequently allows reinvesting in society the public funding that is injected.

Photograph taken on May 23, 2023 during the performance of "En Tierra de Nadie" in Churriana de la Vega, with our technical partner Julia Bravo.

Associative aspect.

DA.TE Danza in its special attention to children integrates and is an active part of different associations that promote dance and performing arts for early childhood and families. DA.TE Danza is part of the associative fabric of the performing arts, creating meeting points for professionals in the sector, where they seek joint ways to promote and develop culture and strengthen the business network.

DA.TE Danza adopts a joint commitment to disseminate contemporary dance that leads it to be part of the associations that share its objectives. Maintaining contact with other professionals in the performing arts, helps to have a deeper insight into the reality of the sector, allows sharing experiences and favors the development of ways of action that energize these disciplines.

Photograph taken on October 26, 2023 during the Social Inclusion Conference organized by the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM) in Cadiz.

Environmental aspect.

We are committed to reducing our ecological footprint by adopting environmentally friendly practices in the production and execution of our representations, as well as in the operation of our office.

This involves using reused or recycled materials and scenery from previous shows in order to reduce waste generation. As well as the digitalization of all the procedures carried out in the office, replacing the physical media or paper.

From the Company we develop a pedagogical behavior with the entities and administrations that hire us topromote the use, as far as possible, of sustainable means of transport or, failing that, the realization of continuous performances on tour in specific territories.

Photograph taken during the restoration of the Tull Gobeline used for the show "Alonso Quijano el Bueno" (2004).

Artistic aspect

We are committed to educating and raising awareness among our audience and participants about the importance of sustainability. Through our stage performances, workshops and projects, we aim to inspire children, families and communities to adopt more sustainable habits in their daily lives.

DA.TE Danza aims to become a space for learning and reflection on how our actions influence the world around us and how we can be agents of positive change. Therefore, we promote and collaborate in numerous projects in the social field with the application of dance in areas such as inclusion, emotional well-being or physical and cognitive development.

Photographs of the intergenerational workshop (youth and adults) led by Omar Meza during the ENRE9 Festival in Lleida (Catalonia) last May 2023.

Organizational aspect

With a total of 11 members, the team shows an almost equal gender distribution, with 54.54% men and 45.45% women, which meets the gender equality standards established in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In addition, inclusion and diversity are promoted by including in the team diverse people in terms of origin, sexual orientation or gender identity.

The company in recent years has implemented an innovative management model, characterized by transparent policies and a more participatory and horizontal decision-making. This is evidenced in the biannual meetings, where the company's activity is analyzed and complete information is shared on artistic, technical and economic aspects, in order to foster internal knowledge and organizational transparency.

Photograph of the technical, artistic and distribution team of a+ Soluciones Culturales during the performance of "En Tierra de Nadie" on November 22, 2023 in Cáceres during the MAE (Iberian Performing Arts Festival of Extremadura).

Commitment to development.

DA.TE Danza has experienced several stages of growth and evolution in its project, which has contributed significantly to the preservation, dissemination and development of dance and the performing arts in Spain. Although the performing arts demand intense personal dedication, the members of DA.TE Danza go beyond being simple executors; they believe in the project, make it grow and put part of themselves into it, turning it into a collective project. This collaborative mentality has facilitated the integration of artists, creators, dancers and technicians into the professional sphere, thus enriching the Spanish artistic scene and consolidating its quality. This is reflected in the projection of numerous performers such as José Agudo or Maximiliano Sanford.

In addition, the company has promoted the promotion of contemporary Spanish artistic creation by bringing together professionals from diverse artistic areas, including choreography, dramaturgy, theatrical direction, set and costume design and production, original musical composition, sound space design, plastic and visual arts, video creation, lighting design and interpretation.

Photograph of the artistic team of the show "Sleeping Beauty" starring among others Celia Sako or Maximiliano Sanford.