What drives someone to leave their world and travel into the unknown?

  • Acknowledgements: Finalist in the LORCA 2023 Awards in the categories of Family Show and Female Contemporary Dance Performer.
  • Opening: 10/14/2022 (Teatro Alhambra, Granada)
  • Duration: 42 minutes (plus colloquium)
  • Audience: Teenagers (8 years and older) and families.
  • Format: Medium/Large.

About In No Man's Land...

Meeting your mother. Looking for a job. Fleeing violence. Not starve to death... What makes someone leave their world and travel into the unknown? What are the things that lead us to seek a new life? And what do we find along the way? To embark is to know oneself and also to know others. But the journey can also turn into a nightmare, if we lose our footing and are shipwrecked; if the place we arrive at turns its back on us, if we do not find help that responds to our cries for help.

Welcome to this strange land, which is at the same time mine, yours, ours; a no man's land, built by those who come from far away, with strength and desire, to shape it.

In this new project the Company DA.TE Danza, in complicity with the Andalusian Agency of Cultural Institutions, approaches a committed contemporary dance show aimed at all audiences and especially young audiences (from 8 years old). A journey through human rights through real stories and in which the stage and the street are recovered as claiming spaces.

A proposal that included in its creation process the participation of migrants, with no previous experience or training in dance and that arises from our view towards a more inclusive society, where equal opportunities is not an elusive goal but the mark of a new time that starts from the awareness of all.

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Mª Ángeles Marichant

Laura Marín

⸻ Supplementary training proposal
Feeling at home

A training proposal directed by Omar Meza as a complementary activity to the performance of the show "En Tierra de Nadie" by the DA.TE Danza Company.


The "Feeling at home" workshop has a clear social purpose. This workshop promotes participation and pursues an open and inclusive development. One of the main objectives of this workshop is to encourage the development of potentialities and provide each student with resources that allow him/her to express, create and communicate through body language. We will learn to use the body fully, both at a motor and expressive level, to be able to externalize ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions. All this, in a motivating, renewed and flexible work environment, which ensures the participation and enjoyment of each of the attendees. It is a workshop open to those who wish to dance,
share and enjoy the movement that the body offers us. Students from different backgrounds, knowledge, origins and diversities of all kinds and of all degrees, come to share a space of dance in which diversity is our wealth.

This workshop generates a common creative space among the students, as well as among the teachers who accompany them, in which a cooperative bond is established that fosters a meaningful experience through movement and dance. As tools, dance, play, improvisation, physical contact, the use of voice and scenographic elements, among others, generate a new way of sharing, learning and relating among the participants.

Aimed at

This workshop is aimed at students of all abilities, with or without diversity, who are interested in dance.


- Acquire body and mobility skills: Develop body self-awareness, enjoyment and appreciation of one's own body. Develop new habits and skills with the body.
- Acquiring expression and communication skills: Development of the sensitive perception of the world and of oneself. Intrapersonal and interpersonal communication skills. Self-knowledge, self-confidence and self-esteem and the possibility of knowing and valuing others. To strengthen self-esteem and humor. Developing self-identity and personality, recognizing one's own abilities and limitations. Body and emotional self-awareness.
- Develop creative skills: Develop imagination and ability to symbolize ideas and emotions. Develop the ability to attribute more than one meaning to events. Investigative attitude. Playful attitude. Skills for: Imitation-copying, rehearsal-memory-repetition, creating something new/ improvisation and composition. Expressive capacity in movement, with the stimulation of diverse languages: musical, plastic, dramatic, literary.
- Individual empowerment
- Building support networks among the community.
- Individual empowerment
- The construction of support networks among the community.
- Strengthening family ties through movement and dance.
- Discovering new family roles and bonds
- Enjoying healthy and artistic activities as a family.