Soft knots, hard knots, huge knots, small knots, knots of cloth or of fear, cold knots or burning knots. Knots that wrap us and make us roll in them.

  • Awards: 2019 LORCA Award for Female Contemporary Dance Performer (Mª José Casado).
  • Opening: 26/01/2019 (Teatro CajaGranada)
  • Duration: 45 minutes.
  • Audience: Family audiences. From 5 years old.
  • Format: Small/Medium.

About Knots...

With each experience, new knots are created that surround us, oppress us, condition us and finally free us when they come undone. There are a thousand types and forms: small, large, light, hard... sometimes they knot in the throat and prevent us from breathing; other times they cling to the belly and paralyze us and others tie us to experiences and people.

Soft knots, hard, huge, small, of cloth or of fear; cold or burning. Knots that wrap us and make us roll in them.

How does a knot feel when you are four years old? How do you distinguish it from a sore stomach or a sore throat? What does it look like when we turn eight years old? What scar does the passage of a knot leave when we are adults? What is the dose of joy and laughter you have to put in the knot to undo it?

In this new show DA.TE Danza explores the personal development of children as they grow up. How we learn to develop, to create and undo links with our environment and the people around us. Starting from the first emotional knot, the umbilical cord that unites us to our mother, the story grows as the three characters do.

Through dance, and with three performers on stage, DA. TE DANZA will tell how life experiences leave their mark on us, generate different states of mind and make us who we are.

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