Training 4th Quarter 2021

September - December

The company DA.TE Danza recovers its comprehensive and advanced training for dancers by offering intensive workshops, providing the possibility to investigate, work and experience new techniques through different professionals of contemporary dance.

Monographic Workshops

In recent years, workshops have been developed with dancers and choreographers of the stature of Omar Meza, Yutaka Takei, Guillermo Walker, Maximiliano Sanford...

In this year 2021 we will have Daniel Abreu, Antonio Ruz and EYAS DANCE PROJECT, where we will work on different techniques to expand the student's capacity for movement.

The aim is for the performer to be as versatile as possible with a wide range of movement possibilities. Each technique rigorously works on its specificity without the performer losing his/her identity, but rather enriching it.

"Las Guías" by Daniel Abreu

September 25th and 26th

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"Creative Laboratory" by Antonio Ruz

October 30 and 31

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"Sensory Improvisation" by EYAS DANCE PROJECT

December 11th and 12th

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  • To promote contemporary dance in Granada.

  • Facilitate the opportunity to receive training with dance professionals.

  • Encourage the capacity and possibility of the creation of new creation of new artistic projects.

Achievements to date:

  • An increasing demand for dance training.

  • Continuity in the student body and classes.

  • Some students have seen the possibility of becoming professional dancers.

  • Collaboration and participation in some of the company's shows.


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