"Children are today's spectators."

"Children are today's spectators."

DA.TE Danza has been creating, producing and exhibiting contemporary dance, dance-theater and theater with objects for children and young audiences for 23 years, from early childhood to adolescence.

With 27 shows premiered and more than 2,500 performances, DA.TE Danza is one of the longest running dance companies in Andalusia, with a stable and rigorous structure, becoming a consolidated project that originated in 1999.

In its trajectory it has visited more than 21 countries, 850 scenic spaces and 418 cities. It has also been present in countless national and international stage circuits, programs and festivals.

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Natanam means dance in Sanskrit. And that is the starting point of this show: we wanted to give to the youngest, to early childhood, a space and a time of sensations from the purity of dance. Natanam is an apprenticeship on the way to the joy of detachment. 

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Latest News

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